Thursday, 31 October 2013

Where are all the boys and girls from p2a?

Miss p was slightly surprised by her class today!

Halloween is here!

What a 'crazy' day in P2a! We voted for pupil council rep! We had a Halloween assembly, an extra long playtime because Mrs Anstruther said we were such a hard working class, we did some Scottish Country Dancing! And we wrote Halloween spells! Miss P was delighted that it was trainee witches and wizards in her class because some of them wanted to turn Miss P into a frog!! Uh!

It ended very nicely with a lovely treat from Eloise and her mummy - wow & a very big thank you! Miss P & Mrs Halliday enjoyed theirs with a cup of tea when the children went home and discussed how lovely, hard working and kind P2a are.

Yummy yummy!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Baking bonanza

Wow-P2A certainly made good use of the new Sciennes kitchen today.  They all worked well in their groups to do the shopping and then follow the recipe and produced scrumptious looking cakes.  Needless to say mouths are watering as the smell filling the classroom is amazing. Will we last till the end of the day to eat one!?

It absolutely could not have happened without the amazing mummies and Mrs Halliday! Thank you to all those who helped.

P2a have worked so hard this term and I'm so pleased they could enjoy this baking opportunity.  Hopefully you will all have lovely restful hols! 

Miss P