Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Breadwinner Bakery

P4B had yet another lovely experience today with a workshop from The Breadwinner Bakery.  Sean and Lesley themselves came to tell us about themselves and to lead us in a workshop.
This is what they say about their company:

At The Breadwinner we’re passionate about baking. Since 1973 our master craftsmen bakers have been baking in Edinburgh – kneading and shaping dough by hand. We prefer to use traditional, simple methods and allow time to naturally enhance our products, rather than adding anything that would change the quality or flavour of our breads. We’re proud of our heritage – and work hard to supply breads, cakes and pastries that are locally made, freshly baked and full of flavour.

We saw a demonstration by the master himself, Sean, of how to make bread.  We had the opportunity to play with some dough, feel it, smell it and shape it.  Then in  our bakery groups we designed a bread, deciding on the ingredients we would like to add to our bread.  P4B worked hard together as it is a competition to make the best bread.  The Breadwinners Bakery supply Scotmid.  P4B are going to have their loaves made by the bakery and then it will be judged before being made and put into the 3 local Scotmid stores.  All the proceeds are going to be returned to school.  So a real win, win situation for us.

Not only did we devise a loaf we also got to come up with the ingredients for  a healthy muffin, as this is something else that Scotmid hope to sell.  We learnt about muffins and again  had a demonstration from Sean before planning our muffin in our groups.

Sean and Lesley are going to come in again in a couple of weeks to help P4B make their muffins.  Then a panel of judges are going to taste test the loaves and muffins and decide on the winers.  What exciting times.

P4B's classroom looked a little different to normal today.  And the smell was tantalising!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Great Story Telling with Janis MacKay

P4B really enjoyed and did brilliantly learning to be oral story tellers with Janis Mackay.