Thursday, 27 November 2014

P3A Master chef here we come

What a morning for P3A.
Some discerning chefs in the class criticised their own pasta salad creations for the wrong balance of ingredients and are heading home to 'perfect' it.  While others claimed it was the best pasta salad they had ever tasted.
But what is for certain, aside from  a few cut fingers, is that P3A all worked well in their groups to prepare all the ingredients necessary.  Most of the class tried ingredients they maybe had never tried before & EVEN enjoyed foods they previously said they didn't like.
Then they let their creative culinary juices flow as they created their own pasta salad par excellence.  What I am also delighted about is that many can tell you the food groups each item is from and why we need to eat foods from those particular groups.
Then silence fell on Room 15 as P3A all dug into their salads.  Ahhhh.  Followed by much chatter, smiles and thumbs up.  What a great time we had.  Well done to everyone. (especially Ella's Mum & Mrs M).