Sunday, 30 March 2014

P2C Gardens

Everyone has been admiring these fantastic gardens by P2C. Thank you Mrs Gibb for the lovely photographs! Mrs Noble gave them a special mention at the Staff Meeting.  Superb work, P2, with so much attention to detail and great care.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Police called in - there's been a robbery at Cupcake Cafe!

Oh dear!  Cupcake Cafe was broken into today and all the 'money' from the till was stolen and the cafe left in a real mess.  P2A all took on the role of the Police to try and solve the crime.  They looked at the evidence gathered and spoke to an eye witness who saw a man escaping down the fire escape!
They were not happy and hope that we can find the culprit and then get Cupcake Cafe back up and running, especially before the wedding next week.

Skipping Improvements

P2A have been learning to skip, or improve their skipping skills.  We have been learning new techniques and challenging ourselves individually.  Some lovely P7s came down and helped us learn how to skip with the big skipping ropes.  Some of us even managed to skip with a  friend and the big skipping rope.  It was a fabulous PE session out in the playground in the sun.
(Miss P's camera battery ran out so better luck next week and hopefully some more photos!)

Sport Relief

P2A showed all the various activities that they do outside school.  They helped the school raise money for Sport Relief.  Fab job P2A.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cupcake Cafe Opens

What a lovely event for the residents of Rainbow Gardens to have the Mayor open the new Cupcake Cafe.  What a variety of cakes to choose from.  If you had been there I wonder what you would have fancied?  We all enjoyed sampling the delights that the cafe has to offer, yum, yum! There really are some high class cupcake creators working for Cupcake Cafe!
Thank you to the Mayor for taking the time, in his busy schedule, to open the cafe.  I do know he has a secret interest in baking!
Other special guests also attending together with all the families from Rainbow Gardens.