Friday, 27 February 2015

Exploring Moving Toys

In p3c most of us learn best through doing. Being hands on and active helps us to explore and understand. On Thursday we brought in toys with moving parts. 

First we played with our toys. 

Then we shared them with our friends. We discussed which parts move and how. 

Then we worked as a team to sort the toys into categories. 
Wind up toys.
Spring toys.
Battery and remote control toys.
Push and pul toys.

We all achieved our learning intention and learned lots about how toys move.

Peer assessment in p3c

We are getting rather good at peer assessment. We have been writing targets for our elbow partner so they know what to work on. We have also started using coloured dots to show which of the 4 capacities the activity is helping us develop.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Chinese New Year

P3A celebrate Chinese New Year with the help of Manow and his mum and dad. They had their traditional Korean costumes on! We heard a traditional Korean story about where the sun and the moon came from, we learnt how to say Happy New Year, bow and we were given a treat! What a lovely thing for P3A! Thank you to Manow and family!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Golden, Golden Time

Golden time was great fun this morning in P3A. Many had brought in 'board games' and card games and played happily with their friends. Twister, chess, uno and yatzy were all popular! Miss P, enjoyed her beginners luck!! What a lovely way to finish just before the holidays! 

Grateful & Happy P3A

We have been talking a lot about what we are grateful for and happy about in P3A.  There are some great reasons and we all captured this in our reflection diary. Here are just some of the examples.
And on that note happy holidays to everyone!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Friday, 6 February 2015

Bring On the Haggis

It seems that the members of P3A cannot get enough Haggis!!
I'm not sure I have heard the question, 'Can I have some more?' as often as I did this morning as Macsween's meat and vegetarian haggis with neeps and tatties were devoured in the classroom.  We were all captivated as Charlie and his dad (the Macsweens) addressed the haggis in the traditional manner before digging in.  P3A entertained Mr Macsween with recitals of their poems that they had learnt for Scotland week at the beginning of term.  The pupils of P3A added some Scottish flair in what they wore today. There was some impromptu dancing and certainly lots of enjoyment of their Burns Supper.  The sumptuous smell wafted around the school and brought a few notable guests (you can spot them in the photos below).
We were all very lucky to leave with a Macsween Haggis in our school bag.  Thank you very much to the Macsweens.