Friday, 6 February 2015

Bring On the Haggis

It seems that the members of P3A cannot get enough Haggis!!
I'm not sure I have heard the question, 'Can I have some more?' as often as I did this morning as Macsween's meat and vegetarian haggis with neeps and tatties were devoured in the classroom.  We were all captivated as Charlie and his dad (the Macsweens) addressed the haggis in the traditional manner before digging in.  P3A entertained Mr Macsween with recitals of their poems that they had learnt for Scotland week at the beginning of term.  The pupils of P3A added some Scottish flair in what they wore today. There was some impromptu dancing and certainly lots of enjoyment of their Burns Supper.  The sumptuous smell wafted around the school and brought a few notable guests (you can spot them in the photos below).
We were all very lucky to leave with a Macsween Haggis in our school bag.  Thank you very much to the Macsweens.

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