Friday, 28 April 2017

Class Economy Photos 6


Class Economy Photos 5


Class Economy Photos 4


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Class Economy 2

My fantastic, entrepreneurial class have been working hard again.  Today they ran class Economy shops again as a golden time task.  An impressive amount of planning, preparation and creativity had gone into their shops and they had clearly thought about what worked and didn't work last time and made adjustments accordingly.  I think we have a lot of budding business people in our class.


Money Sense Photos 4


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Money Sense Photos 2


Money Sense Workshop

Yesterday, P5C had a fantastic workshop run by volunteers from the Royal Bank Of Scotland.  The workshop aimed to help us understand more about costing and budgeting through the context of organising a birthday party.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

P5 Napier University Science Festival Robotics Workshops

Grateful thanks to Brian Davison, Lecturer and Teaching Fellow at Ednburgh Napier University School of Computing and his team of students, including project managers Kyle and Cristian, for leading exciting robotics sessions for all three P5 classes on Tuesday 28th March, ahead of their Edinburgh International Science Festival event.

Come and meet the team and try out the wonderful range of computing activities for free on 11th and 12th April at the National Museum!

Pop-up Science: Our Wired World

Tuesday 11 — Wednesday 12 April

Come and see what happens when you get creative with technology! Get hands-on with mobile robots, play games and have a go at a bit of programming. These interactive exhibits developed by students from Edinburgh Napier University will make you think… and laugh. Are they visions of the future, or just flights of technical whimsy? You decide…
Presented by Edinburgh Napier University
Age: Ages 5+
Activity Type: Activity
Time:10:00 — 17:00
Venue: Hawthornden Court, National Museum of Scotland