Friday, 13 May 2016

Breadwinners Bakery Day 2

What a day in P4B … again!
We had a great morning making muffins in our bakery groups with Sean and Lesley from The Breadwinner Bakery.

Then it was time for the judging of the loaves and muffins.  Each group had worked really well together and all produced excellent 'goods'.  The judges had a very tough job and as well as taste they thought about texture and appearance.  I certainly didn't envy them their job.  
Our judges were:  Mrs Noble, Sean (as head artisan baker), Steven (from Scotmid who is in charge of all the bakery products in all the Scotmids in Scotland and the North East of England! WOW he came to judge our bread and muffins!!  Christopher (Sean and Lesley's son, another key player in the Breadwinners Bakery) and Ronald (the baker who actually made all the breads for in the bakery for today).

The winning loaf was designed by 'The Best Bakers' and had oats and apple on the inside and poppy seeds on top. (see their photo, with their loaves below)

The winning muffin was designed and made by 'The Brilliant Bakers' and had apple and sultanas inside and dried cranberries and dates on top.  (see their photo, with their muffins below)

It was a great day and the lucky class got a goody bag to take home, all supplied by the Breadwinners Bakery and Scotmid.  It included a loaf each of the bread they had designed and also one of their own muffins that they had made that morning.

Don't worry I managed to sample some of the delicious bakery products!

It is nearly time for you to be able to purchase the items yourself.  Steven is going to liase with the three local Scotmid stores and decide when they will be sold there.  We will let you know and then off to the shops to buy the best bread and muffins ever!!  Generously, all the proceeds will be given to Sciennes, another good reason to buy a loaf and muffin!

Here is a flavour of the day!